Are the pyramids really machines?

By Gertold Grumm, chief diviner at the University of Resonant Light.

In recent years, particularly the years 2009 and 2014, archaeologists and scientists have begun a reevaluation of the very nature of the Pyramids of Egypt, otherwise known as the Great Pyramids or the Pyramids of Giza.

This reevaluation, or reshaping, of established theory has seen a logical shift towards machine-based points of reasoning, in which the pyramids are considered to be machinery rather than monumental royal tombs.

Interior pyramid machinery

Interior machinery of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. 

Logic and Egyptian Pyramid Machines

The shift in thought has come about due to the following paths of logical reasoning regarding pyramid machines:

  • The word “pyramid” means “house of nature” or “house of nurture” or “house of one and all same seeing,” which obviously is not anything to do with tombs. It would make more sense if this referred to complex or even simple pyramid machines.
  • The pyramids were clearly not built by the Ancient Egyptians, who were not nearly intelligent enough to build pyramids, being rather a grain-growing bunch of desert dwellers who could comfortably manage the production of corn, camels and goats but very little beyond that. What they had in their favor, however, was the good will of ancient astronauts who liked to build huge pointy machines out of bricks. Or perhaps space-faring machines built the pyramids.
  • We do not fully understand the pyramids, at least not with complete and unerring security, which leaves a huge gap in our theoretical knowledge, which in turn makes it fairly clear that the pyramids are giant machines. Calling them tombs is simply naïve. While some scholars (most notably Vorschprung et al) think of the pyramids as resurrection machines, this does not mean they were simple tombs. This was science, not religion.
  • No one builds simple tombs that are aligned to the stars, the sun and the moon, because that would be a waste of time. People build machines that are aligned to solar, lunar and stellar objects so that the machines can feed off universal, or perhaps galactic, resonance, which powers the machines. That makes sense.
  • Humans, then as now, were and are incapable of building pyramids. Pyramids are simply too big and complicated, especially as tombs. It is obvious, therefore, that they are machines, and they were built by an ancient civilization that has been systematically ignored and obscured (covered up) by modern Western scholars such as those so-called academics who benefit greatly from maintaining the status quo, as well as the Illuminati, Jews and CNN.
Are the pyramids simple machines?

The diagram above shows the inner-workings of pyramid machines. The assembly suggests that the Builders built pyramids as time machines powered by universal resonance.

How Do the Pyramids Function as Machines?

This, today, is the central question faced by most genuine scholars of Ancient Egypt and the pyramids. Knowing that the pyramids are machines, the next conundrum is: What? What does this machinery do? Is it still active? And what should we do with it?

Well, the answer is: Yes. Yes, these machines are clearly not tombs. Yes, this machinery is the key — quite literally — to a more fundamental, truer, deeper understanding of humanity, the past, and the incredible power of resonance. Yes, it is still very much active. Yes, we should do something with it, especially with resonance.

Modern Egyptologists should listen to the teachings of Abasi Akhenaten, a poor goatherd and bearer of ancient knowledge ignored by so-called Western “scholars.”  Akhenaten — a man who has spent his life in the shadows of the Great Pyramids — teaches that “one should not imagine what lies inside, but one should walk with the goats in the sun, looking for water and catching birds to survive, all the while keeping one’s women happy.”

For Akhenaten, this is the universal resonance, and it comes directly from his knowledge of — and communication with — the Great Pyramidal Machines (آلات هرمي كبيرة).

Following on from the ancient knowledge of men like Akhenaten, true scholars can quickly see the truth behind the pyramids — a series of machines constructed by an ancient and super-technologically-advanced civilization, built not only in Egypt but also across the globe, in regions such as Serbia, Peru, Kazakhstan, Greenland, Bhutan and the Arctic.

Piecing together the global pattern will reveal the key to activating the pyramids. Quite what will happen upon activation is yet unknown, but will almost certainly result in a transcendent resonance that will place humanity on a higher plane, opening a gateway to our true predecessors, those ancient astronauts who quite clearly visited, seeded and once resided on planet Earth.

The Truth will be Revealed…


About the Author: Gertold Grumm is the chief diviner at the University of Resonant Light, an educational institute founded by Gertold Grumm in 2009. Before becoming an online expert in Egyptology and resonance, Grumm worked as a totem pole carver while writing many informative articles for Seventeen and for eHow’s paranormal category.