Should I slap my husband?

How often should I slap my husband? Photo by Geoff Stearns,

Husbands, like dogs and mules, respond well to certain physical stimuli and poorly to others. Many women, both in days gone by and in our modern society, have found that a straightforward slap in the face is enough to keep their husband in check.

But you may be asking yourself: “How often should I slap my husband?” How much is too much and how little is simply not enough? Hopefully our poll will be able to shed some light on the issue. So please go ahead and cast your vote. Thanks!

How Often Should I Slap My Husband in Public?

You might have a different schedule for slapping your husband (or maybe you’re a hitter rather than a slapper), in which case you may not find a suitable option in the poll above. If so, feel free to leave your response in the comments section below.

And before we end this article, it’s important to address the issue of slapping your husband in private versus slapping your husband in public. When you slap your husband in public, you run a severe risk of shaming the poor creature beyond his capacity for forgiveness. This could end in a separation or even in divorce.

Try to limit the majority of your slaps to private locations, most likely inside your own home. Avoid slapping your husband in front of his friends and colleagues, especially in male safe-spaces like pubs, bars, garages and garden sheds. Of course, if your husband is a real jerk and frequently does dumb, crude or insulting things in public, then go ahead and give him a good old slap round the face even when people are watching. Otherwise he’ll never learn.

Good luck, and thanks for voting!

Slapping husband

A woman slapping her husband. In this instance, both the husband and his friend are quickly shocked into submission by one swift slap in the face. Photo by Lee Barrows,