Can baking soda cure cancer?

Can baking soda cure cancer? No, of course it bloody well can’t. And neither can umbilical cord blood (image adapted from photo by Michael Francis McCarthy,

Can baking soda cure cancer? Can this wonderful leavening agent, used with such success in cakes, pancakes and quick breads, and which has a plethora of other uses, actually cure one of the great scourges of human life and longevity?

Can Baking Soda Cure Cancer?

No, baking soda cannot cure cancer. Nor can sodium bicarbonate, bread soda, cooking soda or bicarbonate of soda, all of which are different names for basically the same thing.

Baking soda is in no way proven to cure cancer and should probably not be relied upon as a cure for cancer, in the same way that qigong, quail eggs, the Quran, wheatgrass, water, exercise, essential oils, raw foods, turmeric, yoga, yogurt, yetis, urine therapy, umbilical cord blood, oxygen*, ozone therapy, positive thinking, prayer, asparagus, aloe vera, acupuncture, soursop, dandelion root, fasting, frankincense, garlic, god(s), green tea, hemp oil, HIV, honey and cinnamon buns, juicing, Jesus, jackfruit, Japanese people, kangen water, kombucha, Karate Kid, lemons, laughter, lesbians, zeolite, zam zam water, zija, zebras, xeloda, x-rays, cannabis, carrot juice, vitamin B17, vitamin C, vitamin D, breast milk, black seed oil, the B-52s, noni juice, moringa, Mormons, meditation, and manuka honey are in no way proven to cure cancer and should probably not be relied upon as a cure for cancer.

Nanotechnology has been omitted from this list because nanotechnology might well provide a cure for cancer in the future, particularly when humans are smart enough to make nanotechnology work.

We apologize for the slightly negative but wholly realistic outlook of this article.

* there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that oxygen is a cure for cancer, but plenty of evidence to suggest that a complete lack of oxygen will make cancer fairly insignificant in a very short amount of time.