World Skin Tone Chart With Names and Color Codes

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Human beings come in a variety of wonderful colors, each one a result of thousands upon thousands of years of breeding, inbreeding, climatic change and geographic distribution.

But have you ever wondered how we can classify these colors, beyond the generic and often limited forms commonly used by average people? Well, now you can find out exactly what color a person is with our advanced skin tone chart with names and color codes.

A New Version of the Felix von Luschan Skin Color Chart

Our world skin tone chart is a modernized version of the Felix von Luschan Skin Color Chart. Von Luschan (1854 – 1924) was an Austrian explorer and anthropologist, who created his skin tone chart for the benefit of all humanity. Unfortunately, he was accused by some sections of society of promoting “scientific racism.” But he wasn’t a racist – he just thought it would be kind of cool to classify different skin colors, which is fair enough.

Anyway, we’ve updated Felix von Luschan’s original skin tone chart in order to make it more modern and accessible.

The StudioKnow World Skin Tone Chart With Names:

World skin tone chart

StudioKnow / Von Luschan Skin Tone Chart © StudioKnow 2017

The World Skin Tone Chart and Scientific Racism

Our skin tone chart is for reference only. We do not wish to promote “scientific racism”, because we do not believe that the term “scientific racism” makes any sense. Sure, we’ve met a few racist scientists, but they were all total dicks.

So yeah, if a guy is Aboriginal Brown or Blushing Honkey, we really don’t care. That’s his color, and that’s just groovy. The sooner we all get over this skin color nonsense, the better.