Most reputable psychics in the world

Fortune Teller by Albert Anker.

Here is a list of the most reputable psychics in the world, including online psychics and psychics working in your local area. Only the most reliable, trustworthy psychics have been included.

We want to help you protect your hard-earned money from swindlers and other dubious characters, so we list only experienced, proven psychics. This list will be updated when we discover more reputable psychics.

List of the Most Reputable Psychics

This list will be updated regularly, and we will be adding new contacts as more reputable psychics are found.

  1. Paul the Octopus (deceased)
  2. Sonny Wool (currently in hiding, probably in New Zealand)

*Last update: July 7, 2017

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So far, we have only managed to find two reputable psychics. Sadly, Paul the Octopus died on October 26, 2010. Be sure to check back soon for updates. Sonny Wool, meanwhile, is under 24-hour security watch after receiving various death threats. Sonny, therefore, is hard to reach, especially without an appointment.

In the meantime, you can request a free psychic reading in the comments box below. Our in-house psychic, Clive Clifton Crest, will respond to your request as soon as possible. Please ask Clive a specific question, as he is a novice and can’t reach too far into the unseen. Thank you.