Sharks Currently More Shareable Than Cats, Report Claims

— July 26, 2015

Trending now: sharks.

Trending now: sharks.

The current uptick in shark attacks, shark rescues, heroic shark escapes, and the confirmation of Sharknado 4 by Syfy has temporarily made sharks “the single most shareable thing on social media right now.”

According to a report by the Web Wide Trends Institute (London), sharks have ousted cats as the most viral content across all social media platforms. This is the first time cats have not held the number one spot in eight long years.

Twitter user Glenda Blythe, 78, expressed her dismay at the current trend, calling it “upsetting” and “not at all why I learned internet.”

On Facebook, however, the reaction has been positive. Pete Dunst, 22, called the shift towards sharks “awesome” and that it was “about fucking time,” stating that cats are boring and all look the same. When asked if all sharks look the same, Dunst agreed, “yeah, they do, but they’re sharks.”

Tim Trunk, director of the Web Wide Trends Institute (London), says the trend is unlikely to continue for more than a month “unless a minor celebrity fights a shark or is killed or maimed by a shark in the next couple of weeks.” Trunk admitted that such an event was “unfortunately unlikely” and that cats would soon be the most shared and shareable thing across social media once again.

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