Is Tom Jones Black?

Tom Jones black or white?

Tom Jones: black or white? (photo © Georgio,

Due to his swarthy complexion, gravelly voice, snakelike hip movements and allegedly large member, some people believe that Tom Jones is black.

Of course, this supposition involves a degree of racial stereotyping, which is kind of strange because Tom Jones is probably not black. But he is definitely Welsh.

Being Welsh may not be significant, but there are those who argue that both Tom Jones’ skin color and voice are a direct result of his Welshness.

Skin Color: Welsh people are often born slightly dark of skin in comparison to their English neighbors. Many believe this is due to the Welsh love of coal mining, which, over the years, has turned the population slightly darker than ‘normal white.’ Tom Jones’ father was a coal miner, so the coal dust may well have had an influence on the Jones family skin tone.

Singing Voice: The Welsh love to sing, be it in the mines, in the valleys or in the pub. Rather than having a black or ethnic voice, therefore, Tom Jones simply has a Welsh singing voice. A bit like the Welsh soldiers in the classic movie Zulu.

But that still leaves the snakelike hip movements and the allegedly large member. The allegedly large member is probably true. According to a 2012 article by The Telegraph, “Jones himself has admitted that during his Lothario period he slept with up to 250 women a year.” That would certainly account for the snakelike hip movements, as anyone who sleeps with 250 women a year must have pretty awesome hips.

The Tom Jones Race Debate Concluded

Therefore, it is fairly safe to say that Tom Jones is not black (nor is he a “half-caste,” as is sometimes claimed).

However, in order to bring true closure to the Tom Jones race debate, we enlisted the help of professional photographic manipulator Arthur Glass. Mr. Glass spent three weeks examining photos of both the young and the old Tom Jones. Here are his results:


Arthur Glass: “As we can see from this 1969 photo with Janis Joplin, Tom Jones is quite clearly white — at least in terms of black and white photography. Joplin actually looks darker than Jones.”

Tom Jones black and white

Arthur Glass: “Having manipulated the image using modern technology, we can see exactly how a black Tom Jones would have appeared in black and white photography of the late 1960s.”

Tom Jones race reversal

Arthur Glass: “In this side-by-side, we see two photos of the elderly Tom Jones. The first (‘Before’) is an unadulterated image. The second (‘After’) shows what Tom Jones would look like today if he were black. It is quite clear to me that Tom Jones is not black, but white.” (original photo © Ger1axg, Wikimedia Commons)

As you can clearly see, Tom Jones is not black. Using the patented StudioKnow World Skin Tone Chart, we would say that Tom Jones has a skin color that ranges from Alcoholic Pink to Western Jesus.

  3 comments for “Is Tom Jones Black?

  1. ii
    December 31, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    racist much?

    • December 31, 2014 at 3:27 pm

      No, not at all. It is simply a serious examination of Tom Jones’ ethnicity, nothing more, nothing less. You could almost call it clinical in its racial detachedness.

  2. Michelle
    March 3, 2015 at 9:01 pm

    Coal dust can not change skin tone, you idiots. Not even over generations. Learn something about how skin tone works before you write an article about it. You can’t just guess about something and never investigate it and then publish it as a theory. It’s a hypothesis at best, but even the most basic reading into the subject would reveal thats not how skin tone works.

    You should not be allowed to publish anything to the general public. People with even less education than you are on here looking for answers, and you are providing idiotic misdirection.

    Go back to school. Seriously.

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