20 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Water is humankind’s most precious commodity, along with oil, vodka and chicken. Without water, our world will turn into a parched desert, a scorched landscape in which trees, fish and marijuana simply cannot grow. After only a few days without this vital resource, our bodies shrivel and our organs shut down, after which we cry, puke and die.


20 Easy Ways to Conserve Water at Home (photo © Roger McLassus, Wikimedia Commons)

Easy Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Protecting this vital life source is important. In order to help preserve our way of life, StudioKnow has compiled 20 easy ways to conserve water at home (or at least in your neighborhood). Please, help us conserve the world’s water supply or accept the fact that you are contributing to the extinction of billions, if not quadrillions, of living, breathing things.


Boy with mobile eco-shower (photo © Ferdinand Reus, Wikimedia Commons)

1. Wash Naturally

Before the invention of buckets and plumbing, humans showered in the rain or washed themselves in rivers and lakes. In Arabia, nomads showered in hot and tangy camel piss. You can do the same, so why waste tap water?

2. Snort Coffee, Eat Tea

According to facts, humans consume 12,001,368 cups of tea and coffee globally each day. Just think how much water that uses! Conserve water by snorting coffee instead of drinking it, and eat tea bags straight out of the box (a little bit of butter helps them go down).

3. Lick Your Plate After Eating

Washing dishes wastes a shit load of water, especially if you leave the tap running. In Medieval times, people simply licked their plates clean after each meal. This is an incredibly effective plate-washing method, and it’s great fun too!

4. Turn Your Garden into a Desert

Do you have a garden? Do you water it weekly or even daily? Murderer! You may be keeping your roses healthy, but you are killing the planet. Stop wasting water on your garden and turn it into a desert. Decorate with rocks, gnomes and sun-bleached bones.

5. Wash Your Car the Way God Intended

There’s no point washing your car with tap water. Simply drive your vehicle into the nearest ocean, lake, river or public swimming pool. Leave completely submerged for five minutes, after which your car will be thoroughly clean. Remember to shut your windows.

6. Share a Shower With Your Hot Eco-Friendly Neighbor

Do you have a hot neighbor who you’d love to see naked? Is he or she an eco-warrior? Great! Go round to his or her house, maybe with a few beers or a cake, and explain how you are trying to conserve water. Tell him or her that you’d like to save water by showering (or bathing) together occasionally. Awesome.

7. Eat the Fish in Your Fish Tank

Fish tanks are cool, especially tropical ones with crazy evil-looking fish from like Vietnam or somewhere. However, it is an unnecessary waste of water (unless located in a dentist’s waiting room, in which case a fish tank is obligatory).

If you have a fish tank, eat all the little fishes then use the water for more important things. Use the empty tank to house an ant colony. Ants don’t drink water; they only drink lemonade and beer.

8. Become a Vampire

Vampires think water is for wimps (except for Holy Water, which is for priests, exorcists and vampire hunters). They prefer to drink and bathe in blood, making them incredibly eco-friendly in their own little way. If you become a vampire, you will certainly help conserve water.

9. Destroy Fountains

Fountains are a damned disgrace, spewing out water for aesthetic reasons alone. Destroy them: destroy them all. If you see any garden gnomes, destroy them too.


Crossbows are green and kids love them!

10. Replace Your Child’s Water Pistols with Crossbows

Water pistols should be outlawed. Mini crossbows, on the other hand, should be handed out in schools. They use no water, they are great fun and you can take down a deer or a wild boar at distance.

11. Don’t Breed

Simple, really: more people means more wasted water. Wear a Jimmy Hat or adopt.

12. Don’t Water the Lawn When You’re Stoned

The International Society for Statistics and Stuff (ISSS) recently found that stoned test subjects used 206% more water than sober subjects when watering a lawn. The stoned subjects would look at clouds, trees and titties while watering, greatly increasing the task/time/water ratio.

13. Flush Your Toilet Once a Week

The Cranberries famously asked the question: “Do you have to let it linger?” Well, no, you don’t, but it sure does save water. If the smell becomes unbearable, poor something flammable into the mix and set the whole damned lot on fire.

14. Turn Your Swimming Pool into an Air Raid Shelter

Swimming pools are an unnecessary luxury, unless you are Hugh Hefner. Add value to your property by converting your pool into an air raid shelter. Once built, stock it with canned beans, beef jerky, beer and porn.

15. Petition Your Government to Spend More Money on Deep Space Ice Retrieval

Our galaxy is home to loads of ice. Big chunks of it are just floating around, waiting to solve all our water needs. Write a letter to your government demanding the immediate implementation of deep space ice retrieval. Alternatively, join the Illuminati and use your influence from “within.”


Bong water is great for lawns! (photo © Christopher Thomas, Wikimedia Commons)

16. Use Nutrient-Rich Bong Water on Your Lawn

Don’t waste that shit! Poor it on your lawn or plants and watch as things bloom into wonderfulness.

17. Hurl Abuse at Your Neighbor When He Waters His Lawn

Most people hate their neighbors. If you see your neighbor wasting water, start screaming at him or her. Try this: “Murderer! Planet killer! You should be ashamed!”

18. Shave Your Head and Other Areas

Every time you shower, your hair demands attention (unless you are a Rastafarian or whatever). By shaving off all your hair, you can be in and out of the shower in seconds. Shave your head, your back, your balls, your beaver, your legs, your eyebrows and your ass crack.

19. Don’t Screw in the Shower

It may be fun, but screwing in the shower is a big waste of water. Ignore this tip if you suffer from premature ejaculation.

20. Crap in the Woods Like a Bear

Animals don’t need ceramic bowls to crap in, and neither do humans. One of the best ways to conserve water at home is to crap in the woods like a bear. Alternatively, crap in a neighbor’s potted plants (like a cat).

More Easy Ways to Conserve Water at Home?

If you have any more ideas for easy ways to conserve water at home, please add them in the comments box below. The world will love you for it.

  4 comments for “20 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

  1. marlon
    September 9, 2011 at 7:13 am

    its great what i there about the water condition good

  2. Raymond Quinlan
    June 23, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Shut down water companies and give the use of water back to communities.
    Educate everyone as to how important water really is,its vital.
    Collect rain water for certain uses.
    Replace icebergs all over the world with salt water icebergs,then sell the fake icebergs to the water companies and that will stop them in their tracks.
    Question everybody in the world one at a time,everybody.
    Get a S E T I type dish on your roof and pipe hoses in everywhere.
    2 hoses in every room.

  3. joe blow
    September 14, 2012 at 8:58 am

    You my friend are an idiot! Snort coffee and eat tea bags to conserve water, but make sure you fill your bong? Go live in the woods you hippie!

  4. john
    September 25, 2012 at 12:49 am

    Flush you toilet with dirty dish water. Reroute used bath water to warm a greenhouse. Urinate in a compost bin to save flushing. Get some ducks, the water off their backs can solve the problems over night. Eat more salt and by default increase the amount of fresh water in circulation.

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