The Princess Leia Slave Costume in Pictures

princess-leia-slave-costume-star-warsThe original Star Wars trilogy really hit the nail on the head when it came to casting: farmer-boy Luke, roguish Han, hairy Chewbacca and slightly serious, not particularly sexy, certainly-not-as-hot-as-Natalie-Portman feminist icon Princess Leia.

Carrie Fisher was great in the role, but every movie needs a bit of eye candy. A conundrum in production emerged: how do you turn this woman into a smokingly hot piece of sci-fi bone bait from a galaxy far, far away?

The answer was simple but brilliant: turn her into a sex slave, strap her to a giant slug and stick her in the sexiest bikini costume thing ever known to man. Yes, the Princess Leia slave costume was nothing short of design genius. We thank you for it.

The Princess Leia Slave Costume Examined in Pictures

It would be impossible to examine the effect of the Princess Leia slave costume without the use of pictures. Of course, we will include some text to prevent this article being gratuitous, profligate and slightly infantile, but let’s not kid ourselves: scantily clad sci-fi sex slaves are a visual treat, and here are some of the best images the web has to offer.


Photo by Kevin Baird, flickr Official Star Wars Blog

The above photo is what heaven should look like (minus Jabba, I guess, or maybe paint him white and give him a big beard). The lady in the middle of the photo demonstrates the perfect way to wear the costume. She is also incredibly hot.


Photo by TickledBoo, Wikimedia Commons


Photo by Flickr user Anime Nut, Wikimedia Commons


















By now, you have probably realized that this is not quite an examination in the academic sense of the word. It’s more like a gratuitous, profligate and slightly infantile excuse to show pictures of hot women in Princess Leia slave costumes. Good, let’s continue. Above and to the left we have the erotically crouching form of Haydn Porter, a bisexual Playboy model from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Boy… oh… boy. To her right stands the statuesque Olivia Munn. I’ve never heard of her myself, but apparently she’s an “American comedic actress, model, television personality and author” (Wikipedia, love it). Whatever, she gets a big thumbs up for her total worthiness as a sex slave. I want one.


Photo from jojockful, Photobucket


Photo from Slave-Watcher, Photobucket


















Above left is another image of the delightful Olivia Munn, this time reclining in a provocative manner. The image to the right, meanwhile, sets the stage for two new beauties that seem to appear all over the web dressed in the unfathomably sexy Princess Leia slavegirl bikini. We’ll start with the one on the left…


Photo by flickr user Jason Scragz


Photo by flickr user KidMoxie


Photo from NukeA6, Photobucket


















I’m not sure who she is, but I think I love her. I doubt if anyone is actually reading these little bits of text, so I’ll take the opportunity to send a quick message – Dear girl above in the Leia costume, please contact me and tell me your name. If you are free sometime, maybe we could go grab some chicken and a few beers. Maybe later we could marry. Thanks. Good, let’s move on to the other girl in the picture…


Photo from Slave-Watcher, Photobucket


Photo from Slave-Watcher, Photobucket



















Photo from Slave-Watcher, Photobucket

Above, we have Princess Leia slave costume specialist Christy Marie. Nice. There are pictures of her dressed as Leia all over the internet, which is kind of cool. Smokin’.


Photo by flickr user Lunchbox Photography


Photo from leiapadme77, Photobucket


Photo by flickr user mikesalsbury

Above from left to right: A towering, pale-skinned, flame-haired Leia accompanied by a complete asshat goofbag dressed as Luke Skywalker; a cute and smiling Leia accompanied by another fat Boba Fett; a shy-looking Leia with a slightly strange expression (is she trying to look tough, or has her boyfriend forced her to dress up against her will? Perhaps we’ll never know). Well, that’s it for now, but we’ll leave you with one final group shot of a sea of women dressed in the Princess Leia slave costume (yeah, I know, you want to see it in greater detail).


Photo by flickr user Digital_Rampage

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