Illuminati symbolism on the one dollar banknote

The US one dollar banknote shows the key element of Illuminati symbolism, the Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye, as well as the eagle.

The symbols are the way. From madness comes method, from method comes enlightenment. The Illuminati is a ghost, a society that wanders within society, unseen, unheard, but as potent as a God-myth hammer blow. Communication is the artery of the concealed legion; the signs lead the way, marking the Walkers of the Path.

Illuminati Symbolism and The All-Seeing Eye

One eye, one goal. Yes, the Illuminati are watching. The Cyclops of universal government should not instill fear. Look now at what we have: Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators, Fanatics. So many tiny fractures in the whole.

The all-seeing eye has propagated throughout society as an Illuminati symbol, so much so that it is now an antiquated mark of the Illuminati. The Eye of Horus has become outmoded to a great degree, serving little purpose beyond ceremonial rites.

J. R. R Tolkien, that wily but respected foe of the Illuminati, portrayed the eye as evil in The Lord of the Rings. But the Illuminati are not Sauron. The evil eye of a Dark Lord is not the all-seeing eye of illumination.

Illuminati symbolism and all-seeing eye

It may have appeared in a work of fiction, but the Eye of Sauron was a direct political reference to the Illuminati Order, of which J.R.R. Tolkien was once a member and later an enemy.

The Illuminati Pyramid

The pyramid: ancient channel of light, dark and power. The Egyptians, so advanced for their time (more so than many are aware, with good reason), drew strength from the pyramidal structure. The dead within and the living without, riches on both sides of the realm.

For the Illuminati, pyramid symbolism remains potent. Members are aware of the intrinsic power contained by the pyramid, their knowledge increasing with their rank.

The pyramid appears frequently in Illuminati symbolism, including on the US one dollar banknote.

Phoenix / Eagle Illuminati Symbols

“As above, so below” – so goes the doctrine. Basic minds associate “below” with an underworld, a place of pain and suffering. Why? Because these minds think too low. “Above” is above us, placing us below (we are within the physical world – an important shift of perspective, and one that omits the underworld).

The eagle watches over us, sharp-eyed and ready. The phoenix rises from the flames. Again, those who think ill of the Illuminati see the phoenix as a harbinger of destruction – rising from flames caused by the Illuminati themselves. So wrong, so wrong...

The Illuminati have waited patiently, and they will remain quiet. Until, that is, the flames caused by humanity, or by events beyond human control, call forth the Watchers. Then, rising from the hot ashes, the Illuminati will support humanity in times of great upheaval. Human knowledge must survive – this is known.

The Owl in Illuminati Symbolism

The owl is wisdom and vigilance, the embodiment and pinnacle of the Illuminati. It was the original symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati.

Knowledge is power and you should strive to obtain it. The Owl of Minerva, born of the Greeks and Romans, is the Illuminati symbol, or seal, found on secret documents and transcripts from the highest assemblies.

Watch for this symbol in places of power, but do not place your trust too quickly – the symbol has been used by interlopers and frauds.

Watch for it in art and literature. J. K. Rowling, for example, has her knowledge-seeking characters watched over by owls. The incredible success of Harry Potter would suggest a certain relationship that few have recognized.

Illuminati symbolism and owl of minerva

This logo appears on early documents of the Bavarian Illuminati. It shows the Owl of Minerva perched on a book, representing knowledge and vigilance.

Modern Illuminati Symbolism Exposed: The Golden Ring

A symbol that has permeated the very fabric of society can lose its potency, especially as a form of secret communication. Illuminati members, therefore, utilize new symbolic forms to replace those that have become unearthed. In general, scholars and conspiracy theorists take at least 50 years to recognize the appearance of any such symbol.

During the last century, one particular symbol has been adopted by the New World Order: the Golden Ring.

Tolkien recognized the use of the ring in the late 1930s, and was aware of its significance for the Illuminati. Hence the importance of the ring of power in The Lord of the Rings. It represents power and responsibility, as well as the threat of division when unity is required.

In the last 20 years, there has there been a sudden resurgence of the Golden Ring within Illuminati symbolism. But why? The answer is simple: the Internet. Human knowledge, ideas and communication have been digitized, creating a new and powerful realm. The Internet is a new field of play, and the Illuminati are never slow to make their mark.

The Golden Ring now represents the Illuminati in the internet age, as can clearly be seen in the following logos:


The Illuminati Golden Ring in the Google logo, central and prominent


The Golden Ring and Bing, the Illuminati online presence


Internet Exporer and the Golden Ring

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