Calories Burned Per Hour By Smashing Stuff

smashing-calorie-burning-exerciseEveryone knows that anger is a gift, but few people realize how to use that anger productively. Using anger as part of a fitness or weight loss program is highly effective; and the best thing is, even obese people get angry sometimes.

Calorie Burning: What to Smash?

It doesn’t really matter what you smash, but always bear in mind that you may have to pay for any damage you cause, be it the replacement of your own goods or the cost of company equipment, your neighbor’s possessions, items belonging to strangers etc (and any ensuing fines if apprehended).

You also have to take into account what I call the “futility factor” (FF). Trying to smash an unsmashable object is no fun and kind of boring after a while. Objects with a high FF include boulders and Humvees.

Smashing Stuff Calorie Calculator Estimates

Using data supplied by the Mayo Clinic, it is possible to give an approximate figure for the calories burned per hour during various destructive acts. Energy output varies depending upon how obese you are: skinny people don’t burn nearly as many calories as horribly fat people. We’ll take 200 lbs. as our guide weight, because that’s how much Brad Pitt weights.

Calories Burned Per Hour Smashing Stuff

Smashing Action(s)Equivalent ExerciseCalories Burned Per HourCost of Damage
Pummeling home computer with fists (sitting)Rowing, stationary 637$300-$10,000 (not including medical bills for damage to hands)
Pummeling home computer with fists (while jumping, shouting)Rope jumping 910$200+ (not including medical bills for damage to hands and knees)
Smashing the sides of a stranger's car with a club or bat (and running away afterwards)Racquetball, casual, general + Running, 8 mph 637 + 1,229 = 1,866None, unless caught
Throwing TVs, minibars, furniture etc from hotel windowsWeightlifting, free weight, Nautilus or universal type 273Medium to very high, depending on further items destroyed/people damaged at ground level
Slowly pushing ornaments, clocks, china etc from shelves or display casesTai chi 364Variable, depending on amount and value of items destroyed
Blowing up/setting fire to docked yachts Swimming, laps 637 (+100 for unchecked adrenalin)None. If planned correctly, this can be accomplished without any expense (beyond bomb construction costs/fuel and fuses)
Throwing kitchen items (plates, pans, toasters, blenders) at your husbandVolleyball364$150+ (not including damage to husband, or legal bills if husband files charges)
Stamping on video game console out of pure frustrationStair treadmill 819$100+
Going mental in a supermarket fruit and veg departmentTaekwondo 910 Cost of all fruit and veg destroyed or bruised, possible public disorder fine if apprehended.
Riding your bike down the street smashing random stuff (mail boxes, street lighting, wing mirrors, garden gnomes)Bicycling, < 10 mph, leisure + Tennis, singles 364 + 728 = 1,092Great fun, but potentially very costly when considering fines and damage expenses.
Taking an unfaithful lover's possessions to a cliff, and throwing them off the edgeBackpacking + Bowling637 + 273 = 910None. Your state of emotional distress should void any claims made against you

Exercise Calorie Counter

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In order to watch your progress and motivate your future exercise endeavors, consider buying a hand-held exercise calorie counter (click image to the right to see more). These gadgets can be strapped to various parts of your body to monitor the number of calories that you burn during any smashing actions, leaving both hands (and feet) free for calorie burning exercises.

(smashed computer image by hgoings, photobucket)

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