Is Lady Gaga a Man or a Woman?

Is Lady Gaga a man or a woman? Do we have proof either way? Here is a balanced examination of the issue using unbiased physiological fact.

Lady Gaga is probably a man

Judging by this photo, we would say that Lady Gaga is probably a man (photo © petercruise,

What is a Man?

A man is a male version of a woman. Men can’t have children and do not care much for personal grooming, fashion or idle chit-chat. Men have a protruding laryngeal prominence, commonly known as an Adam’s apple.

What is a Woman?

A woman is a more feminine version of a man. Women can have children. They are more curvaceous than men because they have breasts and rounded hips and buttocks. Contrary to popular belief, women have an Adam’s apple. However, a woman’s laryngeal prominence is not as prominent.

Is Lady Gaga a Man or a Woman?


Is Lady Gaga a Boy or a Girl? Note the laryngeal prominence – not very prominent at all (photo © Shinsengumi_2008, Photobucket)

Lady Gaga freely admits to having impure thoughts about women. That does not necessarily mean that “she” is a man.

That means that she is one of the following: a straight male, a lesbian, a male bisexual or a female bisexual (or possibly a hermaphrodite but that just complicates things).

Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. That is a female name, but names prove nothing in this day and age. Lady Gaga has breasts, an indicator of femininity but easily faked.

Proof that Lady Gaga is a Woman

So, is Lady Gaga a man or a woman? Let’s examine the Adam’s Apple. Lady Gaga does not have a notable laryngeal prominence. She is, therefore, a woman (or possibly a hermaphrodite?).

  3 comments for “Is Lady Gaga a Man or a Woman?

  1. Godgift bright sampson
    March 18, 2012 at 4:18 am

    It’s amazing. does this means she do not have feeling for man?

    • May 31, 2013 at 7:15 am

      Yes, it really is amazing. We believe she has feelings for both men and women.

      • January 3, 2014 at 5:40 am

        Lady Gaga might be hetro and/or gay/or even an alien from another galaxy.. Who gives a darn.. It’s no ones business but her’s..
        The world is full of straights and gays, and other things.. Lady Gaga is just a successful person.. Complaintants are just jealous of peoples success, when they have none themselves..
        The way of today’s culture is to determine a flaw in someone, then label that person as that flaw.. It’s how psychopathic narcissistic babies make themselves feel bigger than a pea, when they are feeling as small as a flea…

        Lady Gaga may be a kook, but she’s a successful kook.. and you just can’t get enough of how she shows and works her tits and butt on stage.. Lady Gaga is “Yo Momma in heaven”…

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